I want to help you discover who you are, what's ahead for you and live the best life you possibly can!

At a crossroads? Need guidance regarding your soulmate/twinflame, family, financial, career?

The Tools I Engage With:

Tarot, Oracle, Stones, Spirit,
Meditation, Hypnosis, Energy Clearings,
Shamanism and Spiritual Coaching

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Healing Stones
Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

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As repeat client , i have to say a reading with Andrea never fail to uplift and guide, always clear reading to the point ,nothing generic or general.
through my dealing with her readings ,i was encouraged to have an energy clearing (i felt i can trust her)don by Andrea, and i must say that i started seeing small and big changes happened to my self and around me ,thank you very much for your honest work.

What can I say about this angel on earth Andrea. There was something about the words she spoke to me that changed my life. She was so compassionate & understanding when she did my reading. And although they weren't exactly the messages I had hoped to receive, they were honest. I had an energy clearing done after we spoke and I feel like a new person. My thoughts are clearer and there's a peace upon me. A peace that I hadn't felt in so long if ever. I am truly grateful for our conversation and will definitely keep in touch with Andrea. Once again, thank you. ❤️Tonya